by Laura Porta


Welcome to Zaragoza! Last September I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in this beautiful place. It’s Spain’s fifth – largest cities and it’s even bigger than more popular cities such as Granada or Bilbao although, it’s not as well-known as other Spain’s main places.

Zaragoza is the capital of the Zaragoza province and of the autonomous community of Aragon.

To be honest, before the trip, I didn’t know so much about this city and I pleasantly surprised once I arrived there.

Many people visit Zaragoza in one day, I think it it’s not enough time to see all that the city can offers.

Remember that Zaragoza has over 2.000 years of history and has been ruled by different empires starting from the Roman and each of them has left a mark upon the city. I think that it’s a great weekend destination for exploring beautiful monuments and eating really good food.

Ebro river with Zaragoza's Cathedral


Honestly, it has been a tough decision to make because there are a lot of very good hotels in the city center. After various research I decided to stay at the Sauce Hotel, which is located in the center of the historic and artistic quarter and it’s only 100 meters away from the most symbolic monuments of the city: La Seo (or Cathedral of San Salvador) and the Basilica of El Pilar. This Hotel made me feel at home, it’s very cozy and quiet and I can definitely say that it’s for breakfast lovers. It offers varied menus and I completely felt in love with their delicious homemade jams, cakes and coffees. Yes, I’m a sweet breakfast person.


Visit Plaza del Pilar

Me sitting in Plaza del Pilar

This square is extremely big and of course, it’s the most emblematic place of Zaragoza. It astounded me the first time I saw it. In this charming place there are located the Basilica of El Pilar, La Seo and the Lonja. It’s also known as “el salon de la ciudad” which means the hall of the city since is always full of tourists, pilgrims and most of the city’s events take place here.

Visit the Basilica of El Pilar and La Seo

The exemplary Basilica of El Pilar is standing next to the river Ebro and it’s a gem of the baroque art, built between XVII and XVIII century. In my opinion it’s a must stopping place that you have to see once you get to Zaragoza.

La Seo or the Cathedral of San Salvador it’s a combination of different artistic periods that start from Neoclassic to Gothic and Mudéjar art.

Note: To go inside of the La seo you have to pay 5,00 € (if I remember well) but it’s worth it. 

Masks are required, capacity is limited, and social distancing is enforced throughout the Cathedral.

Guided tour in the Aljaferia Palace

Palace in Zaragoza

It reminded me a lot of the Alhambra of Granada and the Mezquita of Cordoba and it’s the most opulent and preserved palace of the Taifas period.  Due to it’s Mudéjar style it has been declared Unesco World Heritage Site. Today it’s the house of the parliament of Aragòn.  Do yourself a favor and visit this Hispano – Muslim gem.

Note: You have to plan your visit calling the number on the website or going directly there.

Masks are required, capacity is limited, and social distancing is enforced throughout the Palace.

Go straight to the Central Market

To all food lovers as me, this is a must – see for two important reasons: first of all because there is a wide variety of typical and fresh products you can buy and second of all because you can’t leave Zaragoza without visiting the Central Market.

Take a walk around the city

As you have probably noticed, Zaragoza it’s a beautiful city, there is so much to discover, and it would be a great opportunity to do it. In the old historic center you will find many locals shops as souvenir shops, centuries bakeries, the most famous is the “Fantoba” bakery and clothes by local designers shops.

Note: For art lovers I highly recommend to visit The Goya Museum. You will enjoy a great collection of works by the Spanish painter. Unfortunately, when I was in Zaragoza the museum was closed due to Covid-19. It will be for the next time…


– Have some delicious croquetas (croquettes) and huevos rotos (fried eggs with potatoes) at Taberna Doña Casta.

– Try a very authentic local dish called Migas at La casa de las Migas. It’s something you have to try yourself and you won’t regret it.

– Eat something different and go to Melì Melo. This restaurant and tapas bar makes innovative and fun food presentation of traditional tapas. They also have really good wines. I think it is a perfect place for dinner.

– If you have never done before you must taste torreznos (fried pork’s belly) at Casto Bar.

– And last but not least, treat yourself with a delicious Trenza at Tolosona bakery or at Fantoba bakery.


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